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Magyar Telekom – online self-service customer service (OneCare)
Telecommunications - B2B, B2C
2021 - continuous development

Applied technologies

We have had a continuous cooperation with Magyar Telekom since 1998, in the past 25 years we have worked together on numerous development tasks, thus contributing to the development of the Telekom webshop and their internal administration system.


In 2021, Magyar Telekom realized that the web self-service customer service system it used at the time, based on licensed software, did not adequately support the achievement of its business goals, as it was not cost-effective enough, could not be properly customized, and did not provide the customer experience that the customer base expects from such a channel.


Instead of the previous licensed solution, the development of a cost-effective own system that enables the full replacement of the old system without losing the data stored in it.

The goal was to create a self-service web customer service portal that provides simple and convenient access to the most popular functions available to retail clients (such as bill payment, balance viewing, or service modification) so that the completed system fits into Magyar Telekom’s Omnichannel strategy.


We divided the task solution into two steps: first, replacing the previous frontend interface with our own interface, then transforming the existing backend capabilities so that they fully serve the new frontend system. During the project, we paid special attention to ensure that the newly developed solution is future-proof, uses cutting-edge technologies and is scalable.

In the implemented solution, we finally developed a unique system built on open-
source foundations, which can be operated cost-effectively, has reliable community support behind it, and meets the telecommunications industry standards supported by the Telemanagement Forum.

Throughout the development, we kept in mind to pass on to our customer a knowledge with which the system we developed – which complies with the internal rules of both Deutsche Telekom and Magyar Telekom – can be further developed independently.

Another important criterion was that the backend system capabilities developed for 
individual business and technical functions could also be used on Telekom’s other channels – to create an Omnichannel solution.

In addition to renewing previously used functions, our developers are still working on the development of new functions to this day:

  • multifactor identification
  • extension of corporate administration
  • manage automatic and timed Domino uploads
  • e-SIM purchase and setup process
  • accessibility (according to EU regulation)

The common backend system also accelerated the development of other related systems, and thanks to the introduction of the new interface, the quality of service improved significantly, as well as the customer experience.

“We worked in a very agile way with 4D Soft’s developers. They are aware of our business goals and understand them; have a solid professional knowledge, come up proactively with constructive solutions and deliver in a thorough and demanding way. All this in a team, where it’s great to be part of.”

(Zsuzsa Cselényi – Online Selfcare Product Owner)

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