International innovation


Component+ The Built-In Test (BIT) components for self-testable and test-reusable COTS and in-house components are a cutting edge technology developed by the proposers. The COMPONENT+ project extended the BIT technology for component-based software engineering, to widen application of the new technology in the European software industry.

Plastic is a middleware which comprises a set of constituents for efficiently implementing the service models over B3G environments. Besides the modelling and middleware support for implementing a service, PLASTIC also supports a rich environment for testing (online and offline) and monitoring the service execution, thus significantly simplifying the mobile services development cycle.

ETICS and ETICS2 provide a service to help software developers, managers and users to better manage complexity and improve the quality of their software. Using cutting edge Grid software and best practices, our service allows you to fully automate the way your software is built and tested. Results from daily, nightly and continuous builds and tests can be monitored via the web.

Diligent, D4Science and D4Science II The DILIGENT project is creating an advanced test-bed that will allow virtual e-Science communities to share knowledge and collaborate in a secure, coordinated, dynamic and cost-effective way. The DILIGENT test-bed integrates Grid and Digital Library (DL) technologies. It aims to provide mechanism for facilitating interoperation of the D4Science e-Infrastructure with diverse other data e-Infrastructures that are running autonomously thus creating the core of an e-Infrastructure Ecosystem.

SCI-BUS project aims to ease the life of e-Scientists by creating a new science gateway customisation methodology based on the generic-purpose gUSE/WS-PGRADE portal family. The customised science gateways will enable scientists to focus on their work and exploit resources of main Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) without the need to deal with the underlying infrastructures' details.